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All rondo-products undergo strict testing and quality control. Our measure and quality management procedures before, while and after production guarantee permanent high and lasting rondo-quality.

rondo hand router
for rondoplex and rondoplan

Base: with wide opening to allow working with rondo-HM switchblade cylinder drill (Art. No. 600 W)

Cutting depth setting: 3-step with micrometer and scale

Power input: 2000 Watt
No-load speed: 8000 — 20000 rpm
Machine weight: 5.10 kg

Read our tips on using this hand router.

rondogriff, made out of high durable plastic mixture for a long lasting lifespan. Shockproof and durable in every condition. Perfect for drill and mill out your formwork for rondoplex and dondoplan products. Package includes also 2x Stainless steel Torx® screws for highest lifetime.

rondo HM cylinderhead drill 
400 and 600 for rondoplex

HM Switchblade Cylinderhead Drill
(Art. No. 600 W)

Diameter: 60.10mm
HM Switchblade Cylinderhead Drill
(Art. No. 400 W)

Diameter: 40.10mm

Anti-slip coat for rondoplan template and
hand router base plate

rondo adhesives

rondobrid high-strength hybrid glue, flexible and permanently elastic high-performance adhesive, certified for all rondo plastic repair systems, as well as coated formwork

Our rondosil adhesive that creates a waterproof, protective seal ideal for your framework

Quality adhesives perfectly suited for fitting and gluing rondoplex discs and rondoplan strips into shuttering

rondorivets, fastener and rondoscrews

rondorivets and fasteners for your formwork and shuttering needs


rondoscrew replacements