Damages such as long cuts and scratches can be repaired by rondoplan formwork repairing strips.

Using our specially designed Herud hand router templates, larger damages can be repaired in no time.


For use with:
Alpi, Aluma, DOKA Framax, Faresin, H√ľnnebeck, Ischebeck, Noe, Paschal, PERI, Ringer, SGB, Sveza, Ulma, Uni Span, UPM


For use with:
ILPA, Mayer Longlife, Schaltec


For use with:
H√ľnnebeck, Manto Tecco, Noe Plast, Platinum, Sonoboard


For use with:
DOKA, Kaufmann, Hiag, Lana, Mayer Ultralife, Pfeiffer, Ulma

Working efficiently with
the right tools by Herud KG

rondobox with rondoplan set

rondobox complete solution with rondoplan repairing strips

The rondobox contains a complete set with both rondo-system rondoplan 150 and rondoplan 200.
This ready-to-work kit allows you to start instantly with your repair work on shuttering.

rondo HM switchblade groover 
30mm for rondoplan

HM Switchblade groover Z= 2 + 2 (Art. No. 301 W2)
Diameter: 30.10mm +/- Tolerance

  • HM switchblade 15x12x1.5 mm (Art. No. 301152)
  • HM switchblade 12x12x1.5 mm (Art. No. 4011212)
  • Torx switchblade screw (Art. No. 301SCHW)
  • Torx screwdriver, large (Art. No. 4/600 SCHDG)
  • Electronic hand router1

rondo adhesives

rondobrid high-strength hybrid glue, flexible and permanently elastic high-performance adhesive, certified for all rondo plastic repair systems, as well as coated formwork

Our rondosil adhesive that creates a waterproof, protective seal ideal for your framework

Quality adhesives perfectly suited for fitting and gluing rondoplex discs and rondoplan strips into shuttering

1) Fitted for Herud KG approved hand routers

2) Approved Herud KG hand router purchased separately