rondoplex & rondoplan

The seamless formwork
repair system

Damaged formwork means time and money

If damages of the surface of shutterings are not repaired professionally before using the shuttering again, the concrete surface will show the outlines of the damage. The marks on the formwork surface have to be removed mechanically under immense effort. Repeatedly used unrepaired shuttering leads to more costly repairing of the surface of concrete due to deeper damages on the formwork surface.

Damaged formwork =
Impression in concrete
Formwork repaired with rondoplex =
A perfect rondo result on the concrete surface

Just a few steps for the perfect
formwork repair

Step 01

Before repairing the damaged spots, the shuttering has to be cleaned of concrete and dirt with the appropriate tools and aids.

Step 02

The Router with rondo HM-switchblade cylinderhead drill must be adjusted to the corresponding thickness of the rondoplex plywood repair discs at the depth regulator of the machine. Do a testrun on old shuttering. After the adjustment of the drilling depth and a testrun, drill the hole on the damaged spot and turn off the machine.

Step 03

Blow away shavings and dust.

Step 04

Apply D3 or PU glue sparingly at the inside wall of the hole.

Step 05

Put a rondoplex-plywood-repair disc in the hole

Step 06

Fit in lightly with a hammer. Caution! Avoid damage of the filmcoating due to hard hits with the hammer.

Use a piece of hardwood or plywood to fit in the rondoplex-plywood repair disc level. Long scratches and grooves can be repaired by putting in several rondoplex-plywood repair discs overlappingly. In this case, each rondoplex-plywood repair disc must be fitted exactly before putting in the next one overlapping. Working as described, even large damage can be repaired.

Step 07

After the glue has set, the shuttering is ready for work again.

The advantages of rondo

Fast & Efficient

Repair holes and scratches in plywood shuttering in seconds.

Economical & Effective
Best results with least effort:
Smooth and flawless concrete surfaces
Flexible & Ecological
Custom made solutions made of non-polluting materials
Cost-efficient & Lasting
Rondo means a minimum investment with a maximum of return as follow up repair costs of shuttering sink.
Precise & Unequalled
A unique alliance of highest precision and efficiency.
Rational & Clever
Fight damage before it develops.